We make it easy for non-Japanese professionals to stay in Japan long-term!

Our coordinators provide extensive support for daily living, career, parenting and more.

  • Looking for stable income?
  • Worried about finding the right training program?
  • Have questions about insurance plans?
  • Looking for a workplace friendly to women professionals?
  • Need someone to help with everyday concerns?

We’ve got the career support you’re looking for!

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Take a look at some of the jobs available through Career Terrace!

Additional job details are provided during interviews.

Manufacturing Everything from simple factory work to jobs requiring welding or other high-level skills
Light work/distribution We’ve got the job that’s perfect for your skill set! Everything from simple tasks to logistics and distribution jobs.
Service industry Like working with people? We’ll find the perfect workplace where you can shine.

About our organization

About our organization

Career terrace has been working with non-Japanese professionals for twenty years. Our training programs have been fine-tuned through the countless lessons we’ve learned over the years, both from our successes and failures. Our goal is to make our clients into the kind of professionals that companies want to hire permanently. And rest assured—we do provide compensation during the training period as well!

Available services
・Job placement for non-Japanese professionals
・Transitioning placements from temporary to permanent positions
・Employee matching services
・Outsourcing (contract work)

Women (Photography)

We tell you everything you need to know about working in Japan

  • Interview and registration

    Interview and registration

    We meet with every prospective client to learn exactly what they’re looking for.

  • Training


    We offer a basic education in Japanese customs and social rules, plus the training you need to take your career to the next level at your employer of choice.

  • Job-matching by career advisors and coordinators

    Job-matching by career advisors and coordinators

    We’ll find you a job that matches your skills in the work environment you want.

  • Job support

    Job support

    Your assigned coordinator will be there with reliable support should you have any questions or difficulties on the job.

Looking for a female-friendly workplace? We’ve got them!

We’ll support your career in Japan by finding workplaces that match your preferences and age-related requirements—and can even help with maternity and parenting concerns.

Voice of female employees

We’re energizing both non-Japanese professionals and small/medium-sized businesses


Energizing non-Japanese professionals means fostering our clients’ growth with steady jobs and an opportunity to really feel that they’re making a positive impact on Japanese society.
Energizing small and medium-sized businesses means adding fresh vigor to these organizations by resolving their personnel shortages and motivating placed professionals to grow.
Achieving these two goals is what defines the Career Terrace vision.


We spend the majority of our lives working, and Career Terrace is committed to supported those who want to use that opportunity to make a positive difference in the world as well as grow personally and professionally.
Every non-Japanese who makes Japan their home has their own reasons and their own story to tell.
Our mission is to use your personal story as a launching point to set goals and help you get there.
That’s why we start by asking you to tell us your story. Together, we’ll find you a job at a Japanese company where you feel energized and can make the most of who you are.

Director Yuria Kito

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